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Conference Schedule

Room 2277 2101 2275 2140 Balcony Production Studio
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Register & Breakfast (Atrium)

8:15am -9:00am Ed.D
Dr. Brush (Video)
Adult Ed
Dr. DiSilvestro
Doctoral  Dossier
Prof. Boling
Marisa Exter
& Dr. Cho

9:00am-9:15am Register & Breakfast (Atrium)
Demo #1
9:15am-10:15am Keynote: Dr. Allison Rossett  (Video)

10:15am-10:30am Break

10:30am-11:00am [RT] Building Community Within Online Programs
Scarlett Winters*
(PPT slides)

[RT] Digital Tools Utilized to Enhance Literacy Practices Among the Digitally Underserved Population
Khendum Gyabak *
[RP] Sketching design thinking: representations of design in education and practice
Colin M. Gray, Martin A. Siegel
[RT] Academic Programs in Human Resource development
Aaron Zachmeier, Yonjoo Cho, Minae Choi, Peter Hogaboam, Eulho Jung, Minkyoung Kim, Yingyang Wu
[RP] Inquiry-Based Learning in Online Education: Experiences Shared by Four Education Course Instructors
Funda Ergulec, Fatih Ergulec, Krista Glazewski
[DS] Universally Compatible Clicker System (Co:lor): Web + Mobile App
Donggil Song

[DS] Integrating Process Writing and Peer Review into an Online Language Teacher Education Course
Jaehan Park

[DS] Spice it Up!: Using Multimedia to Enhance Cooperative Learning
Lisa Hughes

[DS] Visual Map Comparison in Advancing Diagnostic Skills Training Project
Haisong Ye

11:00am-11:30am [RP] Learning in Affinity Spaces: TheOneRing.net (A Pilot Study)
Verily Tan
[RP] Informal peer critique and the negotiation of habitus in a design studio
Colin M. Gray
[RT] HRD Education around the world
Aaron Zachmeier, Yonjoo Cho
[RP] Investigating of exemplary teachers use of moblie learning in inquriy-based learning
Muruvvet Demiral Uzan, Erol Uzan, Dr. Krista Glazewski, Dr. Thomas Brush

11:30am-11:45am Break Demo#2
11:45am- 12:15pm [RT] Reflective Practice: Learning by Doing
Marjorie Treff and Stephen Earnest*

[RT] Assessing the Needs of STEM Teacher Professional Development in Project-Based Learning
Peter Hogaboam, Dr. Yonjoo Cho*
[RT] Teaching in the studio: What is it like and what does it take?
Elizabeth Boling, Kennon Smith

[RT] State of knowledge of visual attractiveness in instructional materials
Kei Tomita
[RP] A Consumer-centered Evaluation of Online Principal Preparation Programs in Indiana: A Focus on Quality and Effectiveness
Stacy Mccormack, Ray K. Haynes
[RP] Effects of levels of instructional guidance on mathmatical problem solving skills and learner attitude in an undergraduate business course
Yvonne Earnshaw
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-2:30pm Panel Discussion
2:30pm-2:45pm Break
2:45pm-3:15pm [RT] A Discussion of Assessment of Learning in Online, Informal and Non-traditional Learning Spaces
Justin Whiting*

[RP] Exploring Participatory Professional Development for Curricular Design
Rebecca C. Itow
[Workshop] How to write a literature review?
Power Point Slides
(15:00 - 16:00)
[PO] A Review of Literature on Teacher's Role in Community of Inquiry
Remzi Kizilboga

[PO] Scaffolding Success in the US and ASEAN: Educational Technologies in Distance Education
Najia Sabir

[PO] The Effect of Video Materials on Motivation and Performance of Advance EFL Learners
Ahmed Lachheb

[PO] Needs Assessment of the International Graduate Student Transition Plan for the School of Education
Yingyang Wu

[PO] Need analysis of volunteer recruitment and retention at Monroe County Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Minae Choi, Bryan Burkhalt er, Piercarlo Abate

3:15pm-3:45pm [RT] Understanding Instructional Design Students’ Design Judgment
Muruvvet Demiral Uzan, Prof. Elizabeth Boling*

[RT] Understanding Collaborative Faculty Professional Development Activities Through Activity Theory – A Discussion of Methods
Wylie (Chip) Easterling*

[RT] Exploring the Influence of Diversity on Workplace Training Relationships
Seth Martinez*