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What is counseling?

Counseling is an opportunity for you to discuss struggles and concerns in a confidential setting with a trained and objective person. It is a place to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that you can develop goals to best handle your challenges. You will learn new skills and ways of viewing situations in order to help you resolve your difficulties and become more capable of solving new problems on your own in the future.

Counseling is not just for those suffering from severe psychological problems. People come to counseling for a variety of different reasons from depression and anxiety to relationship difficulties. For students, it is also common to experience overwhelming feelings, career indecision, disappointing academic results, loneliness, or isolation. Counseling can be a good way to help handle these challenges and stressors.

What happens in counseling?

Once you have decided that counseling might be a good option for you, you can schedule an intake session by simply walking in or by phoning the Center for Human Growth (812-856-8302).  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your session to fill out some paperwork.  After the paperwork is filled out, you will meet individually with a counselor. The intake session is an opportunity for you and the counselor to discuss the nature of your concerns and the role of counseling in addressing them.  It is also an opportunity for the Center for Human Growth staff to determine if our services are appropriate for you.  If we decide they are not, we will provide you with referrals in the community. 

If a mutual agreement to start counseling is reached, you will most likely meet with your counselor weekly for 50-minute sessions where you will work together to achieve your goals. The number of sessions necessary to achieve your goals varies from person to person and will depend in part upon your unique situation. Once you and your counselor have mutually agreed that your goals have been achieved, counseling will end.

How much does counseling cost?

The intake session is free of charge. If you elect to participate in individual counseling, the fee is fifteen dollars ($15.00) per session. We accept cash and personal checks, but we are unable to bill student bursar accounts or health insurance companies. If this fee presents a financial burden for you, you will be asked to discuss your unique financial situation with the Assistant Director.  Most counseling services in the community cost upwards of $100 an hour, so we believe our fee is quite reasonable.  The fees collected help with the operating costs of the center.

How do I contact the Center for Human Growth?

The Center for Human Growth is located on the ground floor (Suite 0001) of the Education Building, at the corner of East 7th Street and North Rose Avenue. You may stop in or call 812-856-8302 for an appointment. Please visit our website for more information.

Center for Human Growth Outreach Programs

Consultation and psychoeducational services are available in areas of mental health, careers, personal growth, stress reduction and anger management.  Please call or e-mail the center to ask about staff availability to provide outreach programs.

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