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Stephanie Power-Carter

Associate Professor of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
W.W. Wright Education Building Room Wright Ed Bldg 3018
Phone : (812) 856-8265
Fax: (812) 856-8287
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Department:  Literacy, Culture, & Language Education
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Personal Website: I am faculty in the School of Education and also adjunct faculty in the African American and African Diaspora Studies Department. I am in the English Education program area. My research and teaching interests include secondary education, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, Black feminist theory, research on silence, research on whiteness,Black education, qualitative and ethnographic inquiry, and Black women's literature.

  • Carter, S.P ( in progress). Confronting Invisibility and Whiteness in the English Curriculum. English Journal.Paper details how invisibility and privilege function in English classrooms and how historically represented youth are positioned.
  • Carter, S. Kumasi, K. (2011) A Family Affair: Young Black scholars responding to whiteness, double consciousness, and community. In V. Kinloch Critical perspectives in urban settings. New York: Teachers College Press.
  • Carter, S. (2010). Analyzing text and talk through discourse analysis. In D. Lapp D. Fisher. Handbook of research on teaching Language Arts 3rd ed. New York: Routledge.
  • Carter, S. Education Private and Public (2010). in Smith, Jesse (ed). . Encyclopedia of African American popular culture. Santa Barbara, CA Greenwood Press.
  • Carter, S. Charter Schools (2010). in Smith, Jesse (ed). . Encyclopedia of African American popular culture. Santa Barbara, CA Greenwood Press.
  • Carter, S.P. , Damico, J., Kumasi-Johnson, K. (2008). The Time is Now!: Talking with Black Youth about College
  • Carter, S.P., Honeyford, M., McKaskle, D., Guthrie, F., Mahoney, S. Carter, G (2007). What do you mean by Whiteness: A professor, four doctoral students, and a student affairs administrator explore whiteness in midwestern university. Journal of College Student Affairs, 26 (2), 152-159.
  • Carter, S.P (2007). Reading all that White crazy stuff: Black young women unpackingwhiteness in a high school British literature classroom. Journal of ClassroomInteractions.
  • Bloome, D., Christian, B., Otto, S., Carter Power, S., Shuart, N. (2005). Discourse analysis and the study of classroom language and literacy events: A microethnographic perspective. Mahwah, New Jersey. Lawrence Erlbaum.

  • I served as chair of the foundation. Where we reviewed grant proposals and awarded funding. We also supported grants for scholars of color to be mentored into the field.
  • Particpated in a Cultivating New Voices session where scholars of color discussed their research trajecory and the support of NCTE on their research.
  • Carter, S.P. Kumasi, J. (2010, May) Whitewashed: Black youth negotiating the consequences of whiteness in school and community contexts.
  • Carter, S.P. (2010, May). The missed education of Black young women: Always ready to jump on your case.American Education Research Association, Colorado
  • Carter, S.P. (2008, April), Connecting the Local and the Global in Literacy Research for Political Action. American Educational Research Association, New York.
  • Carter, S.P. (2008, April), Examining the social construction of identities: Gender and race within and across national boundaries. American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL.
  • Carter, S.P. (2008, April), Approaches to Language and Literacy Research. American Educational Research Association, New York.

  • Appointed to chair National Council of Teachers of English Research Foundation
  • Phi Beta Sigma fraternity honor women who have contributed positively to support student body
  • Women's empowerment
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