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Department:  Counseling and Educational Psychology
Affiliations:  School Psychology
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I teach the second year school psychology seminar on population-based interventions for children.  I also work with students in the third year practicum that focuses on supervision.  I frequently work with school psychology students on their portfolios and dissertations. I serve as the university contact for the EdS internship. In August, 2007, I received the Jack Bardon Distinguished Service Award from the APA Division of School Psychology. I edited with Beth Doll, Transforming School Mental Health Services: Population-Based Approaches to Promoting the Competency and Wellness of Children, published by the National Association of School Psychologist and Corwin Press. We stress the importance of monitoring the population of all students rather than waiting for problems to develop and a referral to be initiated. Another of my interests is exploring ways technology can be used to provide resources to school psychologists, teachers and parents. In the fall I work with future teacher in an online educational psychology course.

1980, Ph.D. Educational Psychology with major emphasis in School Psychology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA
1977, M.Ed. Educational Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA
1975, A.B. Psychology, Ohio University, Athens, OH

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  • The mission of the 2012 School Psychology Futures Conference was to join school psychologists together to ensure childrens future academic success and mental health through the promotion of Leadership, Critical Skills, and Advocacy. The virtual conference brought speakers from diverse locations (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Zurich) to conference participants across the United States and Europe.
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  • (Web Editor for APA Division 16)
  • web editor for website of the Task Force on Evidence-Based Intervetions sponsored by theAPA Division 16 and Society for the Study of School Psychology
  • Harrsion, P. L. Cummings, J. A. (2006) Futures Online Learning Modules (Module I,Introduction: The Future of School Psychology; Module II, School Psychology Personnel Shortages and Service Delivery; Module III, Children and School Psychology; Module IV, Families and School Psychology; Module V, Schools and School Psychology; Module VI, School Psychology Today and Tomorrow: Next Steps") Available with associated PowerPoints, Handouts, and Attachments from:

  • Cummings, J.A. Doll, B. (February 9-12, 2009). Strategies for Transforming School Mental Health Services: A Focus on Populations. Online webinar for the National Association of School Psychologists,
  • Cummings, J. A. (2008, August) Population-based services, school mental health, and serving all children in the digital age. Invited paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Boston.
  • Cummings, J. A. (2008, February) Blended learning as the future. Paper presented as part of a symposium on Online Learning, Distance Education and Technology at the Trainers of School Psychologists annual meeting. New Orleans, LA.

  • Dean's Medallion for Service to the IU School of Education
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