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Carmen Liliana Medina

Associate Professor of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
W.W. Wright Education Building Room Education 3044
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Department:  Literacy, Culture, & Language Education
Affiliations:  Elementary Education
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My research interests are literacy/biliteracy as social and critical practices, critical performance/drama pedagogies, and Latino/a (bilingual) children's literature. Recently I have been working on a research project examining Latino/a children engagement and interpretive literacy practices at the intersection of global/local landscapes and networks. I am co-author with Dr. Karen Wohlwend of the book, Literacy, Play and Globalization: Converging Imaginaries in Children's Critical and Cultural Performances (Routledge Research Series). A co-edited volume with Dr. Mia Perry entitled Methodologies of Embodiment is currently in press (Routledge Research Series) and a book in the making on Puerto Rican children literacy practices.

  • Ph. D. The Ohio State University, 2000 - School of Teaching and Learning--Language Literacy and Culture
  • M.A. The Ohio State University, 1995 - Educational Studies - Drama/Theatre in Education
  • B.A. University of Puerto Rico – Cayey, 1991, Humanities


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  • Medina, C. (2011, March). Bridging gaps between academia and the community in Latino/a childrens literacy. Keynote session conducted at the Purdue University-Hanna Community Center Partnership. Lafayette, IN.
  • Medina, C. Mapping multiple literacies in literary engagement Panel: Mapping Multiple Literacies Across Transnational Spaces. Co-panelists: Robert Jimenez, Maria Franquiz, Patrick Smith, Carol Brochin-Ceballos Smith, Luz A. Murillo. National Reading Conference, Fort Worth, TX.
  • Medina, C. Translocal and colonial landscapes: Scripting in critical literacy engagements. Panel: Emerging Principles of Research, Teaching, and Learning for Translocal Literacies and Transcultural Citizenship. Co-panelists: Patricia Enciso and Juan Guerra. National Reading Conference, Fort Worth, TX.
  • Medina, C., Costa, M. del R., Torres, V. Soto, N. (2010)Collaborative voices exploring culturally and socially responsive literacies with Puerto Rican Children. National Council of Teachers of English, Orlando, FL.
  • Medina, C. Interpretative Discourses in Television Media as Cultural Texts: Storying in Glocalized Spaces. Panel: Storying Across Communities: Locating Diverse Repertoires of Narrative and Interpretation. American Educational Research Association, Boulder, CO.
  • Medina, C., Twomey, S. Perry, M. Embodied praxisin teacher education" : Exploring Challenges and Possibilities Within Critical Performative Pedagogies. Panel: Boalian Theatre Across Contexts: Critical Performative Approaches to Teaching and Teacher Education. American Educational Research Association, Boulder, CO.

  • Research Award: 2013 American Alliance for Theatre and Education, Winner,Co-researcher: Gustave J. Weltsek
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